Thursday, November 8, 2012

The customer service desk at the community college library

Me: "You have two overdue items. Do you want me to check what they are?"
Student: "Yes...wait a minute, no, I know what they are. An Aristotle and a Plato."

Student, with no prompting except brief eye contact: "Look at what I have on my keychain. I have a flashlight."
Me: "That's neat."
Student: "I used to have a cross too, but it decided to break off."
Me: "I'm...sorry?"

Attractive Fire Science student: "Um, can you tell me how to log onto a computer?"
Me: "Are you a student?"
Fire Science Guy: "Yes, but I'm from the fire school and we never use the computers!"

Student holding two books with large 'In-Library use only' stickers on them walks out the doors and the alarm goes off.
Coworker: "You have to use those in the library."
Student: "I was going to go upstairs."
Coworker: "Sorry, you can only use them in the library."

Do you have the world literature book, the blue and orange one?
Do you have books for a history class?
Do you have Police Systems and Practices? No, that is the name of the class, not the name of the book.
Do you have the neonatal respiratory care book? It's the really big one.
Do you have the statistics book with the sweater on the cover?
Do you have the chemistry book with the flamingo?


  1. *very* nice. I guess "Do you have the chemistry book with the flamingo" is my favorite...just thinking about how some catalogs are starting to include images of book covers.

    Still, the student who is the proud owner of a keychain with a flashlight (but no longer a cross) is pretty great too.

  2. Love the textbook cover descriptions!

  3. I know, right! Can you imagine going up to the reserves staff at the library at your university and asking for 'the chemistry book with the flamingo'?