Sunday, December 30, 2012

Good parenting day at the library

Apparently yesterday was secretly Parenting Day in My Library's Home City, TX. I observed the following in a single afternoon:

-I helped a woman find 'age-appropriate' books for her four-year-old daughter. When I asked whether she was thinking of books for her daughter to read herself or for her to read to her daughter, she said both.

-I helped a man find books that would help his four-year-old daughter with phonics. Then he and the woman I helped before got into a long conversation about resources to help kids learn.

-Same woman asked for my help logging her daughter into a computer so she could play educational games. She had her daughter operate the mouse, etc. She said "I'm trying to teach her computer literacy; I think it's an important skill."

-A single mom came in wanting books about male puberty so that when her 11-year-old son starts having questions, she will be ready. Her son was in the library with her and she was also teaching him how to use the Dewey Decimal system.


(Lots of the patrons today are really crabby so it's nice to have this to think about instead.)

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