Saturday, December 29, 2012

Snakes on a bookcart (a refgrunt)

The old man who told me about dendrochronology comes back: He got confused trying to find the database I showed him when he tried it at home, but this time he is prepared: He uses a digital camera to take screenshots of the steps as I show him. Resourceful! Then he talks to me about his wife’s great grandfather for an eternity.

We have an educational program about snakes today, with real live snakes, so the next ten or so questions or so are all related to that: Where is the snake program? When does it start? Is this the desk where I get a ticket?

Healthy cookbooks (for a kid!).


Are you here for the snake program? You need a sticker. Times 100.

Get on the wireless without a library card? asks someone from all the way up north in my home state.

An older gentleman comes up as the snake program is starting and asks, what’s going on in there? He is very alarmed by the idea of live snakes on the library—oh no, that is very dangerous, my goodness, etc etc. But he doesn’t argue with me—he seems resigned to the fact that it is happening.

A family trying to use the copier turns in an abandoned original: photocopies of a driver’s license and social security card. I thank them and shred it.

The same family needs help to copy. The mom speaks only Spanish but instead of trying to talk to her in Spanish I let her son translate because he is so efficient and self-important.

Are you waiting to check out, ma’am? You don’t have to wait for this machine; there are more over there.

The Book Thief by Marcus Zusak. Not on shelf but I find it in the back.

More copier help.

Lady whose photocopy we shredded comes back, but fortunately she is mostly relieved rather than annoyed.

Is Midsomer Murders still on TV?

More copier questions.

You need a library card to get on a computer, but don’t worry, it’s free.

Where do you return books?

Help some new library users print.

What are your hours this weekend?

I can‘t get onto the computer!

Can you help me find this book? No, because it’s not at this library, but I can place a hold on it for you.

Printing assistance.


  1. sounds busy! did you see the snakes?

    1. I wish! And I also wish I had seen the lone lizard that was part of the show, which a coworker described as looking 'sort of like a pit bull.'