Saturday, June 8, 2013


So I'm getting my Masters in Library "Science" now and one of my classmates introduced me to The Oatmeal comics. One of my favorites so far is one about what should be taught in senior year of high school:*
I have helped patrons with about 2/3 of these things. I wish the library could offer a class to teach these things since few, if any, high schools actually put this in practice. I think it could be a great summer program. I bet we could cover the basics in a day. I'll let you know if I ever manage to pitch this successfully to my superiors in the system.

* Warning: Contains "language," by which I mean swear words. Most things on the internet contain language. And "language."


  1. this would be Best Librarian Program Ever. But the people who really need it are the ones who wouldn't get it together to show up.

  2. sounds like a *very* basic computer course would also save you a lot of time and be very beneficial. Or specific tutorials in email, word, dropbox, printing etc.

    1. Yes, it really would! We have classes about three times a year on "computer basics" (how to use a mouse etc. etc.), but they are not nearly frequent enough, and not as well-attended as they should be. I wish we could force our most computer-clueless patrons to take them. Have some policy of "You only get an hour of on-demand help with basic computer tasks. After that, no more until you sit through a course." That's a pipe dream, though.