Thursday, June 27, 2013


We had a family program featuring a clown this evening where you had to get a sticker from a staff member to go in. There are fire regulations about how many people we can let into the program room, and giving out the stickers is how we keep track. The advertising for the program said you had to get a "ticket" at the information desk. Two parents pulled out their wallets and asked "how much?" We've got to figure out a word that doesn't imply that the program costs money.

On a more humourous note: I gave stickers to a man and a woman in their 40s. When I asked if they needed additional stickers for "other family members" i.e. kids, they said "No, we're just fans [of the clown]."


  1. eeyeww, clowns!

    I think I've seen notices for events that refer to "free tickets"

  2. maybe they were the clown's parents!

  3. In the performing arts world, a common phrase is "The event is free, but tickets are required." Not sure clowning qualifies as a performing art.