Sunday, June 23, 2013

In which I use the internet to do my job (again)

Good afternoon, brilliant, talented, and creative readers!

This is the problem of the day: I control the Spanish-language display at my library. I put up items with a new theme every month. The problem is that the Spanish-language collection is quite small--a little over 4,000 items. That sounds like a lot, but when you realize that that number includes feature films, books on CD, fiction, and nonfiction, there aren't very many things on any one individual subject. The English-language displays in the library tend to be pretty specific, for example "Award-Winning Mysteries," historical fiction about real people, and "Road Trip" (travel books for places within driving distance of My Town, TX). It's hard to make Spanish displays like this, because we probably have only a handful of titles on themes that are that specific, and you really need about 15 titles for a display.

I've been doing the display for about 9 months and these are the themes I've used or planned out so far:
Set in Mexico
Read it watch it listen to it (pairs of stories that have at least two of: print version, audio version, movie version)
How to do everything
Personal finance
Music CDs
Diet and exercise
Help your child succeed in school (educational activities you can do with your kids, study strategies, etc.)
Great reads 200 pages or less
Inspirational stories

Does anyone have suggestions? All the suggestions lists I can find assume you have a much larger collection to work with, and I am running out of ideas!


  1. hmm, that's really tough. how about "recent acquisitions/new at the library" (even though you might have to go back quite far)

    or ...being a good parent? (that might overlap with "help your child succeed in school")

    funny stuff?

    scary stuff?

    romance? (could include books, films, music)

    1. Oh man, romance would be a huge hit! I'm adding it to my list! I'll investigate whether humor is a possibility too. Unfortunately someone did parenting right before I took over the display, and we do a "new at the library" display as well. Thanks so much for the suggestions!

  2. Hmmmm....

    Authors from a particular country

    Maybe you could do just general seasonal themes (e.g. books that take place in the summer or otherwise are summer themed)

    Teen books

    read the (western) classics in Spanish (if you have enough of them, obviously, but I was thinking you might have a lot of translations of books in the western canon)

    Magical realism!

  3. I like these a lot! Especially summer-themed books and magical realism! We do indeed have the western classics, although sometimes I'm worried that the translations are bad. I will let you know if I use any of your ideas. Thank you!