Friday, April 15, 2016

I don't believe you

Things patrons have told me at this library that are probably not true:

"I'm going to open a bakery for diabetics. It will use sugar alcohol. That has no calories."

"I returned that yesterday."

"The people at legal aid told me to come here, and that you could find me the form for contesting a will in Michigan."

"My son read his book to the police department and they decided to buy 250 copies to give away to the youths so they would know not to make the same mistakes."

"I'm not a drug addict anymore, I'm on methadone."

"A meat packing plant is like a toy store for men. They just love them."

"If your computer would just let me go to the website, I could collect my fifty thousand dollars!"

"It took my money but then didn't give me my printouts."

"The streets aren't built right. They should be generating electricity from the vibrations. That would make them safer, too."


  1. My fave is the meat-packing plant one

  2. the least believable is "I returned that yesterday"

  3. As a reference librarian, the one I have a hard time believing is "I've looked for this for hours..."

    1. Ooh, yeah, that is a good one! People don't even try to pretend at my library, but I imagine in an academic setting it's a common lie.

  4. Let me know the address of the bakery with no calories, wouldja?