Friday, April 22, 2016

Password pain

Things you can't do without logging into a website, but that you should be able to do without logging into a website:
  1. Check the status of your state tax refund
  2. Apply for a job at Walmart
  3. Sign up for the summer reading program at the Downtown Library, starting this year!
Dear Library Bosses,

This afternoon, I helped a woman reset her password for a website by following the steps to generate an email that would be sent to her address with information on changing her password via an included link. As soon as the email was sent, she said, "Okay, so now I can enter my new password and it will work?" I had to explain that she had to go to her email inbox and see the new email first.

Do you really think this online summer reading idea is going to work? You know I love the internet, but I think this whole thing is getting a little out of hand.


Your concerned employee


  1. always that gap between the line workers and the library bosses with the unrealistic plans

  2. Prediction: Participation in Summer Reading Program will decline mysteriously, and will be slanted toward families who need it least.

  3. Just because you CAN force people to log in to a site, doesn't mean you SHOULD.

  4. Part of loving the interwebs is knowing when to use them and when not to. #bossfail

  5. oh i feel so bad for the families who will give up on this

    1. I know! As another commenter said, it's not just that some people will give it up, it's that the people who need it more are more likely to.