Saturday, July 2, 2016

4th of July patron of the week

Today a computer illiterate man was struggling to digitize and transmit a resume. He started with a paper copy that he scanned, but he couldn't edit it since it was on marbled paper so no PDF converter services would change it into an editable file. He got stuck a few times in the early stages and I noticed the man next to him on the guest computers help him a couple of times while my coworker Laura and I were both busy with other patrons. Eventually we realized that if he wanted it to look good he was going to have to retype the whole thing. He struggled with the basics for a while (again, not my job to type up your resume for you, sorry) and after a couple of minutes the man next to him said, "Do you want me to just type that up for you?" and he did!

(I figured the least I could do was give the helper some extra computer time.)


  1. Patron of the year, more like!

  2. Patron of the year, more like!

  3. Nice to reward him with extra computer time, hope it didn't start a riot