Friday, July 8, 2016

Friday afternoon

Excuse me, miss? Can you help me transfer music to my Kindle?

Is there something wrong with the copier?

The paper light on the copier is on.

I still can't get my music.

(I refill the paper trays of both copiers and the printer.)

Can you help me find a book to teach my son the things he should know for preschool?

Can you help me find this job at Dollar General I am supposed to apply for?

(I get some books for the 'staff picks' display.)

IPhone: Hi. I need the number for Safelink Wireless.

I need Pillars of the Earth by Ken Follett, and also the sequel, but I don't know the title.

Do you have change for a twenty, by any chance?

Did I do something wrong? My thing isn't printing.

(Change out the cyan printer cartridge.)

I've been in therapy since I was 18. Now I'm 46. You tell me how long that is. That's a long time, huh?

My computer logged me out. Why? Did I run out of time?

Can you come with me to print? Just in case?

I need some more ones [$1 bills].

Can you help me download some music now?

What do I have to click again to make this website work? "Allow once"?

To get back to the music I just go to YouTube, right?

Can you sign this?

Thanks for everything! God bless you!


  1. oh my you must be exhausted

  2. Needy needy needy! But you helped a lot of people!

    1. Actually, this was a pretty quiet shift. I like me job!