Thursday, July 28, 2016

Nice and typical

Thursday, 9 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.

You can tell this is Small Town Library because the first thing I do in the morning is let some people from the Friends of the Library group in a few minutes early. Definitely not something that would be allowed at Downtown Library. 

Coworker: I thought I was on the desk. Huh.

Direct a grandma and grandson to the bathroom. They come back a minute later. Grandma says, "He says the first one is out of paper towels."

Can I have the phone number for County Mental Health? 

 Someone comes to claim some summer reading prizes.

(I place holds on next month's book club selection for all my regular members.)

(I email the director to ask permission to ask a local business to donate stuff for one of my upcoming programs. )

The elevator is out of service and there is a Beatrix Potter Tea Party going on up on the third floor. Carry a stroller up there for a mom with one 1ish-year-old and one 4ish-year-old. The 4-year-old proudly 'helps' by carrying the water bottle that was in the stroller.

A parade of kids and parents come for the Tea Party, including an adorable little boy who is really excited to see me and says hello to me three times, then goodbye to me three times.

Phone call: Your computer says you have Doctor Foster on DVD. Can you get it so I can come and pick it up in like 20 minutes?

Someone from another library drops off materials for an upcoming senior resource fair. 

Phone call: Can you please register me for the program on Monday night?

Help someone scan and email something.

Add time to the computer for the man who is always reading about (possibly betting on) horse racing.

Hands me a DVD of Foyle's War, set 2. "I'm here to request the next set of this, please!"

I had to switch computers to let someone else use the scanner and now it won't let me log in.

A mom and kid have just signed the kid, about 12 years old, up for his own library card. We issue each person two copies of the card--a standard size one and a keychain one. The mom and son agree that the son, who has no keychain, doesn't really have a use for the keychain card. The son throws the card in the trash behind my desk, and his mom says, "Did you just throw that away?! That's your card, it has all your information on it!"

Regular patron, pointing at the computer area: Can you help me? I'm, um, I'm trying to sign up for a dinner, but I don't understand this form.
Me: Well, I don't want to make any promises since I probably have never seen that website before, but I'd be happy to take a look at it with you! 
We take a look together--the poor guy has a specific link he wants to go to, which he carefully copied down. Unfortunately, whoever gave him the link didn't bother to tell him it was case sensitive. (Sidenote: Why is that even a thing?! Just add one more character to your URL string, geez!) Fortunately, a little guessing gets him to a working link, and I think I successfully impart the idea of a 404 error. He says, "Thanks so much, Emma! You are wonderful!"

Kid who threw his library card away: Can you show us where the baseball books are?

Where is the Beatrix Potter Party?

Dinner signup gentleman: Emma! Sorry, can you come look at this?...Oh no, now it's gone.

Help DSG print out an email. He is the nicest and we are mutual fans (another member added to my Old Man Fan Club).

I think the 60ish woman who I gave information to about our Friends of the Library book sale just said "Thanks dude." Hm.

My favorite volunteer: Someone needs to pick those hydrangeas that are just lying flat on the sidewalk out front and put them in a vase!  


  1. Sounds like a lot of action, and a lot of love for the library!

  2. Wooh, now we know your name! You're not who I thought you were.

    1. Really? Interesting....I wish I knew who you thought I was!

  3. case-sensitive URLs oh please