Thursday, July 28, 2016


I wish we could name policies implemented because of individual patrons after those patrons, like how we put commemorative plates for library volunteers into books.

The Ms. Opp 'Three Phone Calls Per Day' Rule
The French Lady 'No Cursing People in the Library' Policy
The Mr. Timmons 'Five Hold Requests At A Time' Limit
The Tween Fan 'Library Staff Cannot be Facebook Friends with Patrons' Rule
The Magazine Requestor Guy 'A Portable Urinal is a Biohazard, No Exceptions' Policy

Or maybe they could ambiguously sponsor them, like how on Sesame Street things are "brought to you by the letter C"? Whether C intended to or not?


  1. Hey, I've named various teaching policies (as written in my syllabus) after the students who elicited them. Sadly, only in my head and class notes though. (Signed, Salemite.)

    1. Actually, a syllabus with just first names might give your students a really good idea of what your class was going to be like.

    2. I can imagine that; e.g., "No extra credit projects are available [Stephanie]. No assignments will be accepted 4 weeks after the due date [Ryan]." etc.

  2. We have a no sitting by the ref desk policy brought to us by Patron Lumpkin