Friday, July 22, 2016

Downtown Friday

(Refill the paper trays of all the copiers and printers.)

Good morning, Janis! You're going to stay until 11:00 this morning? That's your sweater? That's nice.

First question of the morning is by phone. Do you have the number for Local Hotel?

(Print out copies of some 1930s library posters for an upcoming display.)

I'm looking for an article from [Local Paper] from 20-11. I talked to Local Paper and they said their archive only goes back to 2012 and to come to you.
Have you ever used a microfilm reader before?
(I get him set up and reading.)

Janis seems to know a lot of the library patrons. When she says a loud, repeated goodbye to a woman in a green shirt, the green-shirted woman responds in a friendly fashion, but also shushes her.

I have a question about these computers. Do they remember your passwords?

(Collect two books and put them on the Staff Picks display.)

MAC: mumble mumble intersection.
Me: Sorry, what was that first part?
MAC: Wendy's.
Me: Hm...I'm here on their website and I see the location, but there aren't any phone numbers listed. I'll have to check a different directory.
MAC: Well, any Wendy's, then!

(Create new labels for the non-English collections, which were previously labeled only in English. They now say French/Français, Spanish/español, etc. It only took me two years to make that happen...)

(Do my hourly sweep of the floor. The area by the 800s really smells like pee, but I can't figure out what the source is.)

Call from a smaller nearby library: Do you still carry the NADA car guides? I have a patron here who we can't help, but I'm hoping maybe you can.

Excuse me, where is your bathroom?

Can I get some singles? I got a lot of copy work to do.

Is this 2? Is this floor 2!?

I was copying and the copier just stopped!

(Take some books out of the catalog for Laura, one of the librarians.)

What floor is your bathroom?

Phone call from MUFON patron: Could you please go to a website for me? Habitat for humanity dot org? I need some information about an event called Bike to Build.

Man who I shush for talking too loudly on his phone: Sorry! I'm sorry!

Do you have a fax machine?

Can I use a computer?

I'm looking for a CD. Bachman Turner Overdrive greatest hits.

Can I use a computer?

Does the printer only take cash?

Would it be okay for me to post these flyers for an AmeriCorps position?

Do you guys still have a public copy machine? And a change machine?

I need to get on a computer for like 20 minutes...I don't have a library card. I've lived here for like 5 years but I still have my Indiana ID.

Can you please help me with the printer?

Do you have City of Sparks? You know, one of the Ember books? (It's actually People of Sparks, but yes, we do.)

Where should we go to get a library card?

10 minutes before closing: Um, this says I have a book checked out that I never checked out. (It never fails.)


  1. sounds relatively peaceful! have a good weekend!

    1. It was peaceful! It was frankly kind of disappointing. Oh well; I'm here today (Saturday), so maybe I'll get something more eccentric to report.

  2. good job getting the foreign language labels on there